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Mobile Biometrics

Acuity projects that by 2022 global mobile biometric market revenues will reach $50.6 billion annually. This includes 2.7 billion biometrically enabled smart mobile devices generating $3.1 billion in biometric sensor revenue annually, 16.7 billion biometric app downloads generating $29.2 billion in annual revenues from direct purchase and software development fees, and 1.37 trillion biometrically secured payment and non-payment transactions generating $18.3 billion in annual authentication fees. More ...

Automated Border Control

The rapidly evolving Automated Border Control (ABC) eGate and Kiosk market will generate more than $1.2 billion dollars in annual revenue by 2020. The number of ABC eGates deployed as automated replacements for border control stations is projected to exceed 6,000 by 2020. An additional 33,000 specailized immigration self-service kiosks and eGates will be deployed at check-in, baggage drop, arrival halls, and boarding gates worldwide. More ...

Secure Documents

Today, 82% of all countries issuing National IDs have implemented eID programs that depend on eID chip cards or plastic cards and biometrics. This accounts for 89% of all National IDs issued By 2021, this number will grow to 92% of all National IDs issued with more than 3.6 billion National eIDs in circulation. Annual issuance will peak in 2019 at 679 million chip based eIDs or card based systems that integrate biometrics annually. National eID solutions will generate more than $54 billion in revenue between 2016 to 2021. More ...

Biometric Market Forecast News