Biometrics & Digital Identity Market Data and Forecasts

Market Forecasts and Data Sets
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The Global National eID Industry Report: 2017 Edition, indicates that by the end of 2021, 136 countries will have some kind of National eID program. this incldues both chip based card programsn and traditinal cards with biometrics.
The Biometric Smartphone Update indicates that more than 500 biometric smartphone models have been introduced since Q1 2013. This includes smartphones incorporating fingerprint, iris, and eye vein biometrics form market leaders such as Apple, Samsung, Huwei, Xiaomi, Lenovo, TCL, Oppo, BBK/VIVO, and ZTE. Acuity projects that 1 billion biometric smartphones are in use today, representing 40% of the global installed base of smartphones.
The Global Biometrics and Mobility Report: The Convergence of Commerce and Privacay projects that by 2020, mobile biometric market revenues will reach $34.6 billion annually.

The rapidly evolving Automated Border Control (ABC) eGate and Kiosk market will generate more than $1.2 billion dollars in annual revenue by 2020. The number of ABC eGates deployed as automated replacements for border control stations is projected to exceed 6,000 by 2020. An additional 33,000 specailized immigration self-service kiosks and eGates will be deployed at check-in, baggage drop, arrival halls, and boarding gates worldwide.