Automated Border Control (ABC) eGate Deployments

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Automated Border Control (ABC) eGate Deployment List
Critical Data on Current Deployments by Airport, Seaport, and Land Border

Check out Acuity’s “ABC eGate Deployment List”. This list -- presented in spreadsheet format -- provides details for each known eGate deployment including the number of eGates, locations, installation date, vendors, what type of biometrics are used, what kind of token --if any -- is used, who qualifies, is registration required, etc., as well as vendor market share information.

According to Acuity’s December 2016 count, there are currently 2122 operational ABC eGates worldwide. Nearly 36% of the total number of eGates deployed at all airports, seaports and land borders are in Europe with 38.5% deployed in Asia. However, Europe is the clear leader in airport deployments with nearly 44% of global airport eGate units.

Acuity expects ABC eGate numbers to continue to grow as existing airport deployments expand and new airport deployments come on line. Acuity also expects to see increased use of eGates to facilitate border crossings on land and at seaports. Today Land border and seaports control points represent just 3.6% and 17.8% respectively, of all eGate units deployed. These numbers will begin to increase significantly over the next 3 to 5 years.

View the spreadsheet header and Purchase the ABC eGate Deployment List.

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