Customized Client Solutions

Strategic Services

The core of Acuity Market Intelligence's expertise is a fundamental understanding of technology evolution, emerging market development, and how technology is adopted and deployed most effectively in complex, multidimensional markets. This knowledge is applied through proven tools and techniques to help Clients:
  • Identify, prioritize and size lucrative markets.
  • Define and analyze vertically targeted solutions.
  • Create and evaluate market development, deployment, and adoption strategies.
  • Achieve sustainable market dominance.
  • Evaluate deployment plans within the context of achieving quantifiable ROI.
Acuity’s proprietary MDM© - Market Development Methodology is the foundation for providing a range of strategic and targeted consulting services.

Proven Skills

Acuity’s expertise is applied in five key areas:

Market Analysis – Identification and evaluation of key technological developments, market trends, industry players and deployment effectiveness.

Opportunity Analysis – Highly granulated segmentations of vertical markets and identify, prioritize and size the most lucrative opportunities for a given product or service

Solutions Analysis – Detailed solutions requirements and functional specifications for applications of biometrics and eID technology.

Due Diligence – Evaluation of vendors and integrators to ensure that product and service offerings are accurately represented, a track record for delivering high quality solutions can be demonstrated and financial, operational and strategic plans are in place to ensure sustained market viability.

Strategic Planning – Work within the context of an organization’s existing resources, relationships and market position to create a highly leveragability plan to identify, evaluate and deploy emerging technology based solutions.

Customized Services

Clients leverage Acuity’s knowledge and expertise through a range of semi-custom and fully customized services. These include:

Executive Briefings – Interactive sessions providing targeted insight to select groups of Executive Management.

Custom Consulting – Custom projects designed to support specific Client objectives

Segment Tracking – On-going coverage of technologies, players and market trends, drivers and dynamics of a particular industry sector or technology marketplace.

Research – Customized research projects designed to address specific industry knowledge gaps.

Workshops – One to two day intensives presenting Acuity’s proprietary MDM© - Market Development Methodology for applying proven tools and techniques to identify, prioritize and size the most lucrative market opportunities.